We started Oakland extracts for the community

Because we believe that our Town should have access to great quality hash at a price we can all afford. We learned that success begins with high quality starting material from small, local farms. Over the years we fine-tuned a proprietary technique that allows for maximum terpene retention. Our signature Cookie Crumble wax – and everything we do – focuses on natural flavor and high potency. We never add terps, THC or any other flavorings or additives, and everything we make is single source.


Cookie Crumble

Oakland Extracts’ signature small-batch Cookie Crumble concentrates are hand-formed into individual cookies, allowing for a slow purge to maximize terpene retention. Perfect for dabbing and/or crumbling over a bowl, joint or blunt. No dab tool or rig required; a great match for novice and expert alike.


From our luscious whipped badders to our delectable sugars, everything we make focuses on natural flavor and high  potency. Our process begins with high-grade indoor cannabis which undergoes hydrocarbon extraction at cryogenic temps. From there, our lead extraction artist uses different post processing techniques to make a variety of tasty dabbables.


Beautiful bling created from our extracted live resin. Whether you’re looking to power-up a joint or another dab, our diamonds take it over the edge. No frills, straight power. Diamonds pack that extra punch!

-Available in Live Diamonds and Live Diamond Dust-


The essence of whole plant extraction. Our live resin is as close as you can get to the real plant experience without firing up some flower. Here at Oakland Extracts, we like to pair strains/cultivars together to balance both their flavors and effects, pulling the best of the live terps with the full spectrum of cannabinoids present in the fresh frozen plant.


A lot of carts claim to be live resin, but we can still tell the difference. With Oakland Extracts, you’re getting 100% uncut live resin, which means you’re strictly tasting the natural flavor profile from the plant itself. No distillate, no botanical terps, no B.S. So, what have you been smoking?

-Available in 510 Carts & PAX Pods-

When cannabis became legal, OE almost didn’t make it. As a black-owned business, we struggled to raise enough capital to get licensed and stay in the game. Now partnering with Jetty Extracts, we’re back and bringing out the “Terps from the Town.”

— Terryn & Tran


Oakland Extracts is available throughout California from licensed dispensaries. Find a store location near you.